European Direct Selling Conference – 8th edition

Organized by Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association, the “Infinite Evolution” conference took place on May 10 and 11, 2022 at the Steingenberger Wiltcher hotel in central Brussels.

Hosted by company executives, project managers, members of the European Parliament or digital experts from all over the world, this unmissable Direct Selling meeting offered over 2 days of multiple debates, interspersed with cocktails and dinners in a luxurious setting of the Belgian capital.

On the program of the “EuropeanDSC2022“:
– The endless evolution of Direct Selling (key takeaways from the last two years and goals for the future)
– The evolution of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship
– How to lead and thrive in times of crisis
– The new consumer experience (CX) in digital purchases
– The evolution of policies on privacy and data flows
– The evolution of compliance needs and technologies
– Reinvent success indicators

It’s with Julie Galophe by F.-M. Richard & Associates that Stéphanie Ropars of the firm Patchwork went to this 8th edition of a particularly successful European Conference on Direct Selling.

The Seldia website

The EuropeanDSC2022 program

conférence europeenne de la vente directe
Julie Galophe & Stephanie Ropars