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Please note change of address on July 1, 2024
163 rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris

Law firm serving professional activity

For those who work and who undertake

Why professional activity law?

Working is no longer necessarily synonymous with employment. Patchwork Avocats supports you in your professional activity, whatever its form:

  • create a company
  • recruit employees
  • negotiate the termination of your employment contract
  • conclude a contract with a freelancer

Patchwork Avocats supports you every step of the way

Why Patchwork Avocats?

Our name reflects the firm’s values:

  • Creativity: to adapt to your entrepreneurial desires and consider alternative schemes to labor law,
  • Originality: Patchwork Avocats offers personalized legal solutions for each client, according to their specific needs, and by adopting a global and transversal approach to the notion of professional activity,
  • Complementarity: the lawyers at Patchwork Avocats all have different backgrounds and sensitivities, but all share the same taste for professionalism and a tailor-made approach for each of its clients.

A 360° approach to professional activity!

Deciders ranking of our labor law lawyers

The Patchwork Avocats firm is classified in 5 Decision Makers 2022 categories for the quality of its expertise in social law