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Occupational activity law 

Our conception of activity law

The impact of the digital and new technologies, the drastic change in social regulations, the multiplication of professional lifestyles (employees or independent contractors) necessitates a global and cross-cutting approach that goes beyond the confines of employment law: this is our conception of Occupational Activity law.

Patchwork Avocats takes on a pragmatic approach to alternative schemes of activity in order to respond to the requirements of its clients and in particular to determine the most adapted status and legal conditions for their project.

Patchwork Avocats addresses and understands the specific issues inherent to different professional statuses:

professional athletes
+ artists(comedians, performers)
+ journalists
+ direct sellers
+ commercial agents
+ brokers / business providers

Patchwork Avocats deals with independent contractor misclassification disputes.

Patchwork imagines the law of tomorrow

Convinced that labor law, as it is traditionally understood, no longer exists, the firm proposes a law of professional activity to understand as closely as possible the evolution of working methods.
The partners are committed to offering innovative solutions to companies and executives.