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Practical Guide to Independent Home Salesman 2023

The 2023 edition of the Practical Guide for Independent Home Salesmen – VDI – is finally out !
Partners of the Direct Sales Federation and experts in the field of Direct Sales, Stéphanie Ropars and Laurent Moreuil of Patchwork Avocats have once again contributed to the writing of the Practical Guide of the Independent Home Salesman – VDI.

The status of Independent Home Salesman

The VDI’s activity is the sale of products or services directly to individuals (for example in the context of “door to door” sales or sales in meetings). The status of the VDI, which is still relatively unknown, is original in that although they are not employees, they contribute to the general social security system and the company giving the orders deducts and pays social security contributions directly, just like an employee.

Patchwork Avocats, a firm dedicated to business law, assists companies that use “workers” in the broadest sense of the term, and therefore companies in the direct sales sector (drafting of contracts, commercial documents, general sales conditions, management of the distribution network, unfair competition, etc.).

Do not hesitate to ask us about this distribution channel and the VDI status!